Lubrication syringe

Lubrication syringes are available in many different possible combinations, depending on type of grease (or oil) and the size of the needle pre-defined. A selection of these are presented in the table below. For other types, please contact Rollco.

Lubrication grease:
00 For general applications
01 For low-friction, low-noise applications
02 For clean room applications
03 For clean room and vacuum environment applications
04 For high-speed applications
05 For micro-oscillation applications

Lubrication oil:
For general applications, ISO V32-68
Designation Select all Lead Time * Lubricant Needle model Compatible with Compare
2 00, for general applications 21G MR5/MR5W
2 00, for general applications 19G MR7/MR7W
2 00, for general applications 18G MR9/MR9W
2 04, for high-speed applications 18G MR12/MR12W
2 00, for general applications 15G MR15/MR15W

*Green: Normally in stock, contact us for current status. Blue: Contact us for delivery time.